Organizations face an array of insurable and uninsurable risks on an enterprise-wide basis, including insurance risks, financial risks, operational risks and strategic risks. Each client’s business encompasses a unique set of risks, and each client has a unique appetite for risk-taking.

Dion Durrell’s risk practice forms a complete continuum. We first help our clients quantify risk, using the most appropriate actuarial methods. We then find opportunities to reduce costs and optimize savings through a combination of risk retention and risk transfer. Our clients are then able to consider the most innovative options, including integrated risk and captive solutions.

At the planning stage, our strategic and consulting services help clients assess and quantify new or existing risks. Through expert actuarial analysis or risk management audits, including insurance policy analysis, we determine how effectively risk is being financed. We can act on our clients’ behalf, handling tenders to insurance brokers, helping them find risk management outsourcing services or offering unbiased advice as expert witnesses.

At the solutions development stage, we help each client create the right structure to self-insure a portion of the risk. Our services range from feasibility studies through complete design, implementation and ongoing management of insurance programs or alternative risk financing structures such as captives, rent-a-captives, reciprocals and similar self-insurance mechanisms. Our capabilities include placing risk in the international insurance and reinsurance marketplace. We also help simplify our client’s insurance coverage across their organization through integrated or holistic risk structures.

Enterprise Risk Management
At Dion Durrell, we recognize that improving shareholder value through a holistic approach to risk management across the enterprise can deliver benefits for clients. Our consulting and actuarial services support this by designing and implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) programs for our clients’ organizations.

Both qualitative and quantitative, our approach ensures that both ends of the ERM spectrum are addressed, from the initial stages of ERM policy and framework design right through to the design/build of an integrated risk model that captures the aggregated impact of all identified risks within a particular organization.

With our proprietary risk-modeling software, we quantify the correlated or uncorrelated impact of risks on key outputs, such as revenue, investment return or earnings volatility. Our analysis considers both non-disastrous, routine fluctuations as well as severe and adverse but infrequent events. The interactivity of our software ensures that we can efficiently model risk for any number of the constraints that our clients provide.