Ceding companies can count on Dion Durrell to help them achieve the most efficient reinsurance solutions with tangible benefits. Through our in-depth reinsurance product and market knowledge – plus state-of-the art analytical and financial modeling tools – Dion Durrell professionals have helped clients realize millions of dollars in improvements in their reinsurance programs.

Dion Durrell ensures that our independent, objective advice is aligned with our clients’ best interests, and that we avoid financial incentives to sell a certain reinsurance option that might not be in our clients’ best interests. By approaching each situation strategically from our client’s perspective Dion Durrell develops solutions that improve clients’ bottom line results.

The logical starting point for a typical Dion Durrell reinsurance evaluation is a preliminary diagnostic analysis, involving a review of relevant reinsurance contracts and all readily available exposure information. Our findings identify the areas with the greatest potential for improvement, such as:

  • a more efficient reinsurance retention;
  • other structural improvements available in the reinsurance market;
  • pricing improvements achievable in the reinsurance market; and
  • wording enhancements aimed at improving reinsurance security and collectability.
Many of the improvements revealed will point to immediate solutions. In other cases, our preliminary analysis will lay a foundation for a more in-depth analysis.

Dion Durrell can also assist in placement negotiations: evaluating and comparing reinsurance quotes as they arise; and developing strategies to help clients negotiate the best possible terms as reinsurer proposals become available.