Major financial institutions no longer dominate the financial services and insurance worlds. Others, such as large retailers and utilities, are starting to leverage their existing customer relationships, distribution infrastructure and brand loyalty to create new financial service profit centres for their business.

Working with clients in both financial and non-financial sectors, Dion Durrell creates customized solutions to increase each client’s bottom line.

We can help develop, price and implement solutions such as:

  • Specialty programs
  • Debt protection products in the United States
  • Travel insurance programs
  • Home and auto insurance programs
  • Credit-card insurance programs
  • Accident and sickness programs
  • Home and product warranty protection programs
  • Insurance solutions for banking, investment, wealth management and commercial lending services
  • Creditor insurance programs for traditional and alternate distribution networks

When we say “develop, price and implement”, it means that we:

  • Work with our clients to create specific solutions for their needs
  • Determine the appropriate marketplace pricing
  • Help clients build their business case by providing financial proformas
  • Provide effective insights for marketing the solution
  • Mitigate risks by identifying and outlining all the steps
  • Advise clients on risk financing, including reinsurance and portfolio securitizations
  • Monitor and refine the solutions through ongoing work with our clients

Our proprietary risk-modeling software calculates our pricing and proforma financial projections using Dion Durrell’s extensive warehouse of market data. Our clients may then measure the impact of countless correlated or uncorrelated risks on key outputs, such as revenue, earnings, or earnings volatility. Our software’s flexible and interactive nature then allows for risk optimization under any number of client-provided parameters.